Офіційні заяви “Донбас-Україна”

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Оfficial appeal of command and soldiers of special forces battalion ”Donbas-Urkaina” as to scandals around Semen Semenchenko, ex-commander of national guard battalion “Donbas”

Official appeal of command and soldiers of special forces battalion ”Donbas-Urkaina” as to scandals around Semen Semenchenko, ex-commander of national guard battalion “Donbas”

Dear patriots!

Due to the constant scandals around ex-commander of national guard battalion “Donbas” Semen Semenchenko (including the recent one, which took place in the USA during the concert of famous Ukrainian singer Anastasiia Prihod’ko) we are compelled to make an official appeal:


  1. Detached special forces battalion ”Donbas-Urkaina” does not maintain any relations and have nothing in common with Semen Semenchenko. But we are closely associated to the name of subunit “Donbas”, as many of us saw their service there in June of 2014. And we are concerned about the honour and reputation of national guard battalion “Donbas” as our fates are closely related to it, and in memory of our dead brothers in arms.


2.We appreciate Semenchenko’s significance in starting and popularization of subunit “Donbas” but we must admit that his recent actions discredit honour, dignity and reputation not only of Mr. Semenchenko himself, but of national guard battalion “Donbas” as well.


  1. Command and soldiers of special forces battalion ”Donbas-Urkaina” express their sincere and continued support to their brothers in arms of national guard battalion “Donbas” in the situation resulting from their ex-commander’s contemptible and disgraceful conduct.


  1. We do understand how hard it is for national guard soldiers to be in the front line. We do our best to finish our new-comers’ military training as soon as possible and help our brothers in arms as part of special forces of Ukraine. We express our support to national guard subunit “Donbas” and sincerely regret about all the scandals around batallion’s ex-commander.


  1. On behalf of all Semenchenko’s brothers in arms we apologize to all citizens of Ukraine and express our profound sympathy.


The honour of  both officer of National Guard of Ukraine and officer of Special Forces of Ukraine is to be crystal clear. As clear as our love of our country.


With respect to all Ukrainian people, command and soldiers of special forces battalion ”Donbas-Urkaina”

Important information for foreign citizens!


Important information for foreign citizens! Many offers come to our official groups on social networks to enter the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine “from foreign citizens . We are very grateful to all of you for attention to the Ukrainian crisis and support of our country in war against the Russian aggression. However, we`re compelled to tell you the following: In connection with the Law of Ukraine, citizens of other states have no right to be in armed forces of Ukraine. We are compelled to refuse to all foreigners who want to protect honor and independence of our country. We are very grateful to you for your support, but to be at war against the Russian mercenaries, terrorists and invaders we are compelled independently. You can continue to give us any financial support – we are grateful for it. However we are compelled to refuse to all who isn’t the citizen of Ukraine in service in the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine”.

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I would like to add some clarity to what is happening

Due to the recent events around the battalions “Donbass” (2nd battalion of special purpose NSU) and “Donbass – Ukraine” (46y Hotel special battalion MAT), I would like to add some clarity to what is happening:

Battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” (46y separate battalion of special purpose entities) continues its formation. The backbone of this unit are the men of the 2nd battalion of special purpose, for various reasons, wanted to leave the ranks of the NSU.

The main reasons are the following:

– Personal motives;

– The desire to serve in the structure, which has more powerful weapons (which under the law can not have the structure of the Ministry of Interior);

– Understanding the situation in the ATO (the transition from simple combat operations, to full-scale warfare).

Just wanted to answer the most common questions:

– Neither the command nor the staff of “Donbass-Ukraine” has no plans to deal with political issues and intrigue. Either now or in the future;

– To get to the battalion is not easy. Requirements for personnel overstated. In addition to the mandatory requirements for the APU to personnel 46go separate battalion “Donbass – Ukraine” are as follows:

– Moral standing;

– Intelligence;

– A number of additional psychological demands.

In other words, is the formation of a full-fledged elite unit. Getting there can not everyone hope. The division is completed, taking into account:

– Understanding of the realities of military operations.

(I mean that the command unit is composed of military officers and personnel and instructors – understand not only military theory, but also completely based on the practice of military operations in the country);

– Understanding the need in certain departments and certain skills fighters.

(As mentioned above, the “Donbass-Ukraine” – is equipped, as indeed – an elite unit APU)


роз'яснювальна інформація

When unit is formed press center. It will keep you informed about all the news of the battalion. Be warned in advance:

– Media Center is not used for public relations of individuals or political games. It exists only as an official source of information about the unit.

In other words, we “command – star” rather than “team of stars.” Soldiers units share this view. Especially that “Donbass-Ukraine” come with a single purpose – to protect Ukraine. The staff and the command does not plan to use the sacred duty as a political springboard.

– Press Center will not use social networks as the announcement of military operations.

In other words: our publications on the situation in no way become analytical material for enemy intelligence. On the pages you will not find premature announcements attacks, analysis of the current hostilities, “tips” command MAT. All this is done in order to save lives. Too often publications in social networks played a negative role in the fighting.

Our cause is just! The enemy will be defeated! Victory will be ours!

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Explanatory information.

Explanatory information.
In response to the C. Semenchenko, that the official page of “Volunteer Battalion of the territorial defense of the Donetsk region” Donbass “has been hacked, bring to the attention of:
1) This page has not been compromised. Information is supplied by the same people. S.Semenchenko to this page does not apply.
2) The login and password of the resource has not been modified.
Regarding the request S.Semenchenko in the Ukrainian Defense Ministry to form a battalion MAT “Donbass-Ukraine” states:
1) The actual name of the department “46y separate battalion of special purpose”. It thus passes unit for all documents. When submitting a request for division “Donbass-Ukraine”, knowing the specifics of military documentation S.Semenchenko soldier had to understand that the answer will come negative.
2) We offer to submit another request at the above mentioned unit. And remember that if you request a division of NSU “Donbass” (the formal name of “2nd battalion of special purpose”), the official response will also be negative.
Regarding the so-called “military service” Deputy of Ukraine Seeds Semenchenko declare:
1) According to Ukrainian legislation, S.Semenchenko could not combine the post of commander of the battalion and the position of the deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine. Thus, even 11.24.2014, S.Semenchenko filed an official report with a request to remove him from office. The report was satisfied. Relevant official information exists in the public domain on the official website of the National Guard of Ukraine:
Without a doubt, this site is in no way be compromised could not.
2) According to the report, S.Semenchenko was transferred to serve in the military reserve and the commander of the combat units could not be.
3) According to the Law of Ukraine on military duty and military service are on standby, Semen Semenchenko had no right to lead the division and make official statements on behalf of the department. Thus, from 11.24.2014, the battalion commander “Donbass” he no longer was.
4) 02/19/2015 Semen Semenchenko submitted a letter of resignation, surrendered pass reservist in part 3027 and thus formally unrelated to the battalion NSU “Donbass” has not.
Add just that, formally, the battalion S.Semenchenko was enrolled until August 2014. By the time the unit was running Vyacheslav Vlasenko (callsign Owl) and successfully perform combat missions.
All statements S.Semenchenko to the official page of the battalion “Donbass”, as well as attempts to create a parallel to the other, supposedly “official” resources departments are provocation. We remind that recently this kind of provocation is a statement on the establishment of a parallel S.Semenchenko General Staff for the volunteer battalions, and this information was denied by official statements commanders volunteer battalions.
Military units are not required to be guided by speculation civilians.

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The official statement from the battalion commander Vlasenko Vyacheslav – Filin


The official statement from the battalion commander Vlasenko Vyacheslav Filin call.

February 19, 2015 Semen Semenchenko filed a report with the release of his battalion commander post NSU “Donbass”. Combining the post of People’s Deputies of Ukraine and the commander of the military unit was extremely challenging.

A little earlier, part of the battalion “Donbass” expressed distrust of the command unit for several reasons. The main ones are:

– The lack of unity of command in the battalion NSU “Donbass”;

– The lack of adequate military training personnel department.

Undoubtedly, some of the fighters unit has an excellent combat experience. But recall that it was unprepared recruits divisions caused heavy casualties among the personnel who carried the battalion “Donbass” during the years of the company.

The second most important factor in heavy losses among the personnel was the lack of unity of command and unprofessional orders command of the battalion.

All this led to writing a letter of resignation from the post of commander of the battalion S. Semenchenko. Of the nearly 800 battalion members agreed to continue service under contract to the National Guard of Ukraine about 90 people.

In this regard, it was decided a more thorough preparation of this subdivision. Furthermore, it was decided to form a battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” (46 battalion) based on the Ministry of Internal Affairs, but directly on the basis of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

This will allow:

– Provide unit heavy weapons;

– Well-coordinated unit with other military units in a combat zone;

– Conduct the most thorough training of personnel.

The decision to form the battalion “Donbass” on the basis of the APU has already been taken. All the necessary documents are signed. 46y battalion APU called “Donbass-Ukraine” and is equipped with the best fighters of the battalion NSU “Donbass”.

Emphasize that people who were a part of “Donbass-Ukraine” – is military specialists who proved themselves in the battalion NSU “Donbass”, which passed all the necessary training and become “cannon fodder”, perishing as a result of lack of coordination, or personal ambitions political agreements command.

At the moment is fitting of the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine”. Formed on the basis of the APU, this structure will receive the necessary heavy weapons, which can not have the structure of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and which is so necessary for participation in certain military operations.

In addition: a reserve battalion finally get the necessary military instruction, which, unfortunately, did not carry out the command of the battalion NSU “Donbass”.

Just to emphasize that the core of “Donbass-Ukraine” – a training and received combat experience fighters from NSU “Donbass”, who expressed a desire not to be victims of political games and ambitions of others, and to faithfully serve the motherland.