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Help to volounters from Mariupol

In our Charitable Trust asked volunteers from the front of Mariupol, to help military medicine, which are one of the blokpоst. We could not remain indifferent as there is no foreign soldiers. Sent kids cough, antipyretics and antibiotics. Glory to Ukraine!

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On Friday staged another new form of distribution.

On Friday staged another new form of distribution. For those who returned to action after injury. Form made universal, separately podstezhka warm top and bottom, can be worn in the winter and in the offseason. Sews us her wonderful team of factory “Milan”, the girls constantly refine and change something in the form of taking into account the wishes and recommendations of fighters. Since December the battalion was delivered 327 sets of molds.
Thank you to those who help us to put the guys who donates money to the fund and in boxes.

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