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This morning trip ended

This morning trip ended. It was happy and sad moments. Paid 400 sleeping bags and 50 armored suits. Thank you Елена Вовк for the warm welcome in Kharkov and tasty carp. See old friends on the ground in 46 obsp “Donbass-Ukraine”, brought to them karematov 400, 300 sleeping bags, tank kombeza, working kombeza products from the diaspora from Genoa, medicines from Canadian diaspora and from firms in Kiev. Called Ghost asked to pick from Zaporozhye last journey home Bani killed in Krasnoselskoye. Went there to meet old friends from the battalion “Donbass” who came to spend Bani last journey home. Today he came home. Sleep hero.

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Now I will tell you why we will win.

Now I will tell you why we will win.

We will win because in spite of the pain, betrayal and treachery of the enemy, our army is not only manages to hold on, but also to develop. We will win because despite all the efforts of enemy propaganda, queues of volunteers from military offices no thinning. And we will win because the people that we are defending the faith in us and helps us.

“Donbass-Ukraine” is now being formed in the field. What is the “range” you’ve already seen. Conditions, as you know – Spartan. The boys, of course, will not complain. Many of them in the summer and fall and is not seen. But still sleep on the icy lands, even in a sleeping bag – not sugar. Battalion came to the aid of volunteers from Kharkov. The boys gathered and (attention!) Brought 37 wooden pallets for equipment beds. Drove off. Promised to bring more.

A Lviv volunteers, soldiers brought a huge amount of food, cigarettes and drugs. Collected, transported and transferred themselves. The joy of our soldiers knew no bounds. Take a look at the photo. Are these smiles can be faked?

Help comes from different parts of Ukraine. In spite of such a hard time, volunteers are trying to give the guys as much as possible the necessary things, food, medicine, materials. Looking at all this, it becomes clear: we will win. While the guys are preparing to defend the people of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people to protect our guys. A low bow to all volunteers.

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Details for providing material assistance to the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine”:

Payment by credit card: http://goo.gl/rhVQ6h

Through the cashier of the bank:

BO “BF dopomoga batalyonu” Donbass “

p / p: 26004056106782

Bank: Privat, Fіlіya “KievSiti”

MFO 380775, 39272034 EDRPOU

Priznachennya payment “Blagodіyny vnesok.”

Writing in the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine”:

Fill out the form: http://goo.gl/2u0Edc

Or call the numbers listed above.

Questionnaire for volunteers: http://goo.gl/btVP7E

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We continue to be happy and proud to talk about people who are in this difficult time helping Battalion “Donbass”

We continue to be happy and proud to talk about people who are in this difficult time helping Battalion “Donbass”
Today we went to see our guys who are on rehabilitation in Darnitsky water-mud. Dr. volunteer Ruslan I. Dobrovolsky and project coordinator Ludmila Makoveeva, now watch over 9 fighters. Two of them – the soldiers of the battalion “Donbass”. This Oleg Ochakov – get under Ilovaiskaya fragmentation of moderate severity and Biker – a few days exiting the enemy encirclement.
It turned out that the clinic is working program developed by Ukrainian and Canadian experts and that this program has no analogues in the world.
The “Guardian Angels” Ukraine is not only a treatment and rehabilitation, but also … training. Directly during rehabilitation fighters train and create device civil society. Ie: teaching device state: talk about the principles and rules of civil law, teach the finer points of local government.
And from a medical point of view, the soldiers paid serious attention: in Darnitsky water-mud bathtubs for underwater massage, four whirlpools, laser therapy, and even a whole range of unique mud treatments.
Coordinators and creators of the project say they are willing to take up to 15 soldiers with injuries of moderate severity and claim that they are ready to release them not only healthy, but also civil-educated. Unfortunately, at the moment baths can only accept men with the Kiev residence. But there is hope that the initiative of Kiev doctors will be able to learn and clinics in other cities.

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The next time you run into a horror story about “refugees from Donbass”, please think back about this publication.

Very difficult and unpleasant to read some of the people who write that temporary migrants and refugees – the separatists and traitors. Disgusting to read in the announcement of the tenancy “Donbass residents do not bother.” It is clear that everywhere is full of abominations, but the next time you run into a horror story about “refugees from Donbass”, please think back about this publication.
Urban village Kotsyubinskoe. Kiev region. The man in the photographs – the father of Nicholas. Early on in the ATO, the father of Nicholas repurpose a local rehabilitation center to a center for displaced persons.
Own efforts, this man strengthened dilapidated building that it could settle down those who fled from the war and from the “Russian world”. Father Nicholas was one of the first people in Ukraine, which do not help the military, and those who have selected the war houses, apartments and even homeland. To him gathered people from the Crimea and the Donbass.
At the moment, the center is 180 (!) People. Most – came into the center of families. And for the time being, at the very center of the six children were born! Under the same roof peacefully coexist representatives of different regions and different faiths.
As can be seen from the photo, living conditions are not the best. But even in such circumstances, the settlers are doing everything possible to help the army. In particular for the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine” – the guys gathered support in the form of necessary medicines. And this despite the fact that they live not in fabulous condition!
The center recently visited President BO “BF battalion aid “Donbass” Natalya Veselova and founder of the fund – Olesya Tsybulko to look like the living conditions of those who are actually on the last of his money to help our soldiers.
And now think: one hundred eighty men who escaped from the “Russian World” is not in Russia, and in a country that “one” that “will not leave in the lurch,” where “East and West together” … People who believe themselves Ukrainians who believe Donbass and the Crimea – an integral part of Ukraine, people who were able to find a common language with each other, regardless of what status occupied before the war, what denomination belong … People who are “Russian World” left without a home, penniless, who continue to believe, to hope and help they can. Did someone turn the language to call them not a patriot?
People! Be careful in his statements and publications. Think about that any sharp and offensive word, any generalization of “Donbas all such” you by the word “all” talk of the soldiers of the battalion, and that’s about such persons, who are not to blame that on their land by mistake their neighbors such a tragedy came as the war …

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Ukrainians ingenuity sometimes amazed.

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Ukrainians ingenuity sometimes amazed. In photos multifunction oven for the soldiers, made of … gas cylinder. Powered by solid fuel. Performs the functions of drying, batteries and plates.
These wonderful gizmos designed and manufactured for our soldiers in Cherkassy. The guys from the “Group Veneto” and director of the company – Alexander Zgiblov, with the fall in the supply of ATO. And incidentally supply our soldiers bedding, sleeping bags and sleeping-pads.
In general – medium business to guard the homeland. But the essence is not the point: the point is that when people have the desire, you can and make balloon stove. Fully Ukrainian product that does not require sophisticated equipment and huge investment. That’s really really – a crisis creates development.
And from fighters – thank you.

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guys from the volunteer corps “Donbass” attended the event in support of the soldiers of the 4th Battalion «ROCKER PUB« Tarantino’S »

Volunteers continue to help the army even while resting. How can this be done? Vacationing at charity events. Yesterday, for example, the guys from the volunteer corps “Donbass” attended the event in support of the soldiers of the 4th Battalion «ROCKER PUB« Tarantino’S ».
The money that paid for the entrance, as well as all proceeds from the charity auction already go to the ATO. A visit to our volunteers was retaliatory. Similarly, the 4th Battalion, supported by volunteers and our charity events, visiting them, thus helping us to raise funds.

Artiomovskiy Hospital No.2

“Cast thy bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it.

Give a portion to seven, or even eight, for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth. “So the Bible says a letter from God to man. Do not think, and wondered what would come to us such trouble, but the people of Ukraine friendly and helps the nation. We were in BO “Foundation for the battalion” Donbass “asked the chief doctor Artiomovskiy Hospital No.2 Konstantin Lysenko for assistance in medicines, bandages and other necessities. And even this is not a simple time for the country and for the fund when the external and internal enemies torn to shreds by killing the remnants of humanity and faith in a bright, eternal good. President of the Foundation with the assistance of MP Veselova NV was to render all possible assistance to the city meducherezhdeniya Artiomovskiy where, day and night to help our heroes and defenders. Remember that we are on guard and behind our boys who need a reliable rear. From the banal to ensure mental, spiritual and physical assistance. May God bless everyone who does not remain indifferent to the needs and troubles of our soldiers and all undergoing hard times. Glory to Ukraine! The heroes of the glory!

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