A charitable organization “Foundation for the battalion” Donbass “was one of the first charities that provided volunteer support to our defenders.

Early on in the conflict in Ukraine, volunteer corps battalion “Donbass” first volunteers supplied with everything necessary.

06.26.2014 the organization was officially registered.

Before our eyes, a small guerrilla unit “Donbass” has evolved from a volunteer unit in the battalion of the National Guard of Ukraine. Before our eyes, the volunteers turned to veteran professionals and we have supported their decision to establish a separate division “Donbass-Ukraine” as part of the APU.

But this does not mean that we completely abandoned the battalion of the National Guard.

We support Battalion “Donbass”, regardless of whether they passed in the APU, or not. We personally know many people – we helped them to return from captivity, supplied with all necessary support their families, and helped to recover from injuries and get back on their feet. Therefore, we can not leave without the support of the fighters who were part of the battalion “Donbass” in 2014.

The main activities of our organization:

– Collection and delivery of medicines

– Helping the families of immigrants from the Donetsk region

– Treatment and rehabilitation of fighters battalion NSU “Donbass”

– Supply Battalion MAT “Donbass-Ukraine”

– Information support operations battalion “Donbass-Ukraine”

While we support our protectors, you can support us:

Details for providing material assistance to the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine”:

Payment by credit card: http://goo.gl/rhVQ6h

After the cashier of the bank:

BU “BF aid battalion” Donbass “

p / s: 26004056106782

Bank: PrivatBank, Branch “KievSity”

MFO 380775, 39272034 EDRPOU

Purpose of payment: “donation”.

Privat Bank Card number: 5169 3324 0169 6193 (SV Agashkov Director BO “BF Assistance Battalion” Donbass “)