Behind One’s Own Lines or Who is Our Friend and Who is Our Enemy

Yesterday was filled with events which should normally require months to take place. The day has began in the buses near the militia station and ended up at night in the fields amidst the chassis of steel dump trucks.

The morning began roughly – in Kramatorsk we destroyed a separatist roadblock and captured 6 men, 12 according to the separatists (apparently, some of them had hidden out of fear). We obtained 3 Kalashnikov automatic rifles, lots of Russian rubles, bank cards from VTB, Russia’s Sberbank and other items from the standard set in such cases, which we’ve gotten used to seeing over the past month. As was notified earlier, we, of course, had nothing to do with this seizure, since recently we have been busy with singing the national hymn of Ukraine and studying textbooks on beginners’ military preparation.

In the morning an entire delegation arrived, the head of the Krasnoarmiisk militia, the procurator of the local district, the SBU (Secret Service), a bunch of lower-level officers. They were looking for those “poor boys.” After they realized there was nothing to find where we were, they left. At 10:00 reports began to arrive that in Krasnoarmiisk a large band of toughs had gathered, blocked a bus carrying miners and, having occupied some buses and cars, with the flags of Russia and the Donetsk republic, headed out to our base. According to our information, this operation was thought up immediately after the failure of their plans to beat up people at a Ukrainian demonstration which took place a day earlier (as noted in earlier posts).

Initially over 150 people gathered, then another hundred arrived. Finally there gathered a total of about 400. Several drug addicts were patrolling the streets and looking for “banderites.” After the scouts were captured, the main force arrived. They have let women and miners (apparently equated by the separatists with this category) stand in front of a group of people who were made aggressive by the constant connivance of local officials and who tried to storm the base seven times. They were driven off by firing into the air. Several times they tried to take our people hostages, we fought them off. At first there were no signs of weapons amongst them, later on arms began to appear, such as automatic Kalashnikov rifles, finally a group of dirty-looking individuals in camouflage with Kalashnikovs arrived from Sloviansk (this from a supposedly blockaded city!)

Twice there were negotiations with the “commanders” of the people’s uprising, who for the first time encountered a situation when in answer to the question “Why are you fulfilling the orders of a criminal government?” received the answer “We are acting on our own, we are in our own land, go to hell.” This really stumped them.

The situation was complicated by the lack of weapons, the presence of women and people who wound up at this location by accident. After the base has been surrounded from all sides and overrunning the base by a mass of brainwashed people started to look as inevitable (right there vodka was being handed out, once again women were pushed to the front) we were able to get a helicopter from Dnipropetrovsk, which sowed panic amongst the ranks of “the fighters for the people’s happiness” by making several fly-overs, and afterward, thanks to the energetic actions of our fighters, the crowd made its way back to Krasnoarmiisk.

After a time it became known that an actual storming of the Krasnoarmeysk district militia department was being prepared. A group of Ukrainian patriots from Krasnoarmiisk, Dobropolie, Dimitrov and Donetsk began to join us in order to prevent the seizure of weapons from the department and, in case of its being seized, to recover the building. Now wonders began to take place. Under the guise of “preparing an ambush for the separatists” the police from this department were convinced leave the territory of their base and to go, just for “half an hour,” to the village of Mezhevoye. From there they were supposed to move out towards Krasnoarmiisk. Getting into whatever was at hand (trucks), under the “cover” from the Dnipropetrovsk Berkut, the volunteers moved out to their temporary transit point, where they were professionally blockaded by the armed Berkut and subjected to the mass verification of documents, weapons and belongings for several hours. During the course of this verification several weapons were made useless, several passports and personal belongings went missing. By the time of our moving out to Krasnoarmiisk the militia department had already been seized, the militia personnel took up a position at a roadblock on the region border and the militia decided to exchange armed separatists who have been captured for the seizing of the building (which will be easily taken back by them, again, when needed).

As a result, several dump trucks with the militia personnel in the back, in the regime of “makhnovshchyna,” were moving across the fields in the area of Dobropolie and Krasnoarmiisk and greeted the morning near a forgotten village, with a guard posted and the trucks parked in a canyon. By the evening it became known that certain officials from the procurator and the militia were already set on formulating a version that “the unit was creating disturbances around the area,” has captured innocent people who “have been drinking beer at night,” that a group of “infuriated local residents” has arrived to storm the base and that “the militia is the protector of the law.” An amazing coincidence of views regarding “the organized criminal group, self-defense battalion ‘Donbas'” on the part of the separatists and certain “government individuals”.

We pose no questions about who really stands behind the separatists, why the terrorists capture, torture and kill people, easily drive around in cars without license plates, easily leave “blockaded towns” at will, why the militia in civilian clothing sits inside captured administrative buildings, why the Ukrainian media spread rumors about “green men,” “colonel strelkovs” and “if Putin wanted to, he would have invaded Ukraine within half a day.” Everything is clear.
The hell with you. We will win no matter what.