Волонтерская поддержка

Now I will tell you why we will win.

Now I will tell you why we will win.

We will win because in spite of the pain, betrayal and treachery of the enemy, our army is not only manages to hold on, but also to develop. We will win because despite all the efforts of enemy propaganda, queues of volunteers from military offices no thinning. And we will win because the people that we are defending the faith in us and helps us.

“Donbass-Ukraine” is now being formed in the field. What is the “range” you’ve already seen. Conditions, as you know – Spartan. The boys, of course, will not complain. Many of them in the summer and fall and is not seen. But still sleep on the icy lands, even in a sleeping bag – not sugar. Battalion came to the aid of volunteers from Kharkov. The boys gathered and (attention!) Brought 37 wooden pallets for equipment beds. Drove off. Promised to bring more.

A Lviv volunteers, soldiers brought a huge amount of food, cigarettes and drugs. Collected, transported and transferred themselves. The joy of our soldiers knew no bounds. Take a look at the photo. Are these smiles can be faked?

Help comes from different parts of Ukraine. In spite of such a hard time, volunteers are trying to give the guys as much as possible the necessary things, food, medicine, materials. Looking at all this, it becomes clear: we will win. While the guys are preparing to defend the people of Ukraine, the Ukrainian people to protect our guys. A low bow to all volunteers.

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Details for providing material assistance to the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine”:

Payment by credit card: http://goo.gl/rhVQ6h

Through the cashier of the bank:

BO “BF dopomoga batalyonu” Donbass “

p / p: 26004056106782

Bank: Privat, Fіlіya “KievSiti”

MFO 380775, 39272034 EDRPOU

Priznachennya payment “Blagodіyny vnesok.”

Writing in the battalion “Donbass-Ukraine”:

Fill out the form: http://goo.gl/2u0Edc

Or call the numbers listed above.

Questionnaire for volunteers: http://goo.gl/btVP7E