Artiomovskiy Hospital No.2

“Cast thy bread upon the waters, for after many days you will find it.

Give a portion to seven, or even eight, for thou knowest not what evil shall be upon the earth. “So the Bible says a letter from God to man. Do not think, and wondered what would come to us such trouble, but the people of Ukraine friendly and helps the nation. We were in BO “Foundation for the battalion” Donbass “asked the chief doctor Artiomovskiy Hospital No.2 Konstantin Lysenko for assistance in medicines, bandages and other necessities. And even this is not a simple time for the country and for the fund when the external and internal enemies torn to shreds by killing the remnants of humanity and faith in a bright, eternal good. President of the Foundation with the assistance of MP Veselova NV was to render all possible assistance to the city meducherezhdeniya Artiomovskiy where, day and night to help our heroes and defenders. Remember that we are on guard and behind our boys who need a reliable rear. From the banal to ensure mental, spiritual and physical assistance. May God bless everyone who does not remain indifferent to the needs and troubles of our soldiers and all undergoing hard times. Glory to Ukraine! The heroes of the glory!

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