Heroes never die. Vitaliy Poddubnyi.

On 26/07/2014 DFD fighter Vitaliy Poddubnyi, call-sign “Svat” was killed. At around 13:00 he and three other fighters were ambushed near Lysychansk. Vitaliy was killed by a machine gun stutter; all the other guys stayed alive. He was a builder, was married, had a 3,5 year old daughter and an older son.
The guys from “Donbas” characterize him as a kind and responsive person; he was the first at everything. He went to ATO (anti-terrorist operation) area from Berdyansk (Zaporizhia region) Self-Defense, joined Defense Force “Donbas” as a volunteer. He loved his daughter to distraction. He was smart, easygoing and optimistic, was always convincing others that everything will be fine.
Vitaliy Beltadze, chief officer of Berdyansk Self-Defense, says: “I was talking to him at 10:51. I heard firing over the phone. Vitaliy said that they have loaded the food in Artemivsk and were delivering it to Lysychansk. He was making jokes all the time we talked”.
His friend Michael Bakhteev from Berdyansk Self-Defense says: “He knew he will not return. He told me: “I go to war! I know I will not come back”. But he went to protect the Motherland nonetheless. We joined Self-Defense together, were arranging things here, set up tents and organized block-posts. After the block-posts were organized he said: “Now everything is done here. It is time to go “THERE”.
Eternal glory!