Wartime-diary – 10


21/07/14. Media center of “Donbas” informs:
On the 21st of July a successful operation of taking hold of village Peski near Donetsk was conducted by the joined forces of subdivisions of Ukrainian Army, Defense Force “Donbas” and Defense Force “Dnieper-2”. Our fighters arrested 4 armed enemy sappers with explosives, whose sleeve patches indicate that they belong to the terrorist organization “Russian orthodox army”.
There are no loses in DFD.
The next military actions of our forces are aimed at taking hold of villages Karlovka and Netailovo.
We would like to remind you that it is the fourth battle near Karlovka for “Donbas”. The first one took place on the 23rd of May and DFD lost five fighters. During the next battles our forces lacerated the enemy.
We wish our fighters luck and success.
Glory to Ukraine!