Essential Features of Real Estate Website Design

All business websites are not same and if you thought so, you were WRONG. A business website is concocted according to the sector, deploying appropriate web tools and design theme. When it comes to real estate website design, the distinction becomes even more obvious. Real estate is a sector which has its unique set of requirements and the website design must factor in all essential features.

Content Management Tools

Efficient content management tools are integral part of a real estate website design package. The user is not necessarily a person well aware of website development tools. The solution must be designed in a manner to enable users easily publish web pages, articles, customer testimonials and links to external websites. They must also be able to tag their web pages with appropriate keywords and take care of on site search engine optimization.

Unlimited Website Listings

The system must allow unlimited website listings to the user. The client might not need that kind of web space at the time when he/she decides to get a website designed. However, the business could turn into a real biggie a few years down the line needing a plenty of space to put up the property listings. Getting a completely new website then would be like covering the distance again which would be impractical. Better approach is to take care of future requirements well in advance.

Lead Generation System

Users must be able to easily collect and manage all their potential clients on the website. Creating notes, follow-ups and maintaining successful relationship with the clients must be easy. Good real estate web developers provide lead generators throughout the website on multiple levels. In fact, the whole objective of web site development is lead generation and it must be taken care of at every stage of development.

Use of Interactive Maps

A real estate website should distinguish itself from the crowd. One way of doing it is by using interactive flash maps that can show hot selling properties across the area the organization operates in. Interactive flash maps make a website much more user friendly. These maps enhance the user experience by displaying the information effectively they are looking for, assisting them in taking decisions, and helping the real estate business as well to close favorable deals quickly.

IDX System

IDX is an industry-standard technology which enables realtors to leverage all the listings of fellow agents and brokers in a Multiple Listing Service (MLS) to attract consumers to their website. The web designer must integrate the IDX technology with the website. IDX technology lets clients get rid of irrelevant sub domains and the obsolete frame which were used to show property listings in older websites.

Advanced Search and Contact Options

Advanced search systems allow visitors to the website search for properties directly with a few clicks of a button, providing them easy access to the appropriate web site listings. This is backed up by contact options such as email, online contact form or phone numbers. The integrated system increases the chances of lead generation to quite an extent.

Professional real estate websites developers are well aware of the requirements of the sector. They can deploy the right tools in the right manner to come up with tailor-made solutions according to the requirements of the clients. They rope in the latest technology to offer appropriate realestate websites solutions.